Shades of gray, bursts of color

This weekend has been super laid back, since my husband has been super busy helping out some of the team from Hot Rod Magazine while they are up here doing some article/interviewing. (Super cool, right? This is the 2nd time he's done work with them now.)

That means I have had the house TO MYSELF - aka getting a ton of shit done!

With more sun happening, temperatures warming up (close to 40's next week for highs!) it meant bringing down the heavier curtains and putting up sheers. I know, I know - our curtains don't start at the ceiling - well our ceiling isn't that tall and I'm short so all you interior designer experts will have to deal with that! Still get plenty of light, and privacy from the neighbors seeing whatever the heck we are doing, or watching! (I learned quickly any Netflix created show means watching with curtains shut - they just love sexy time in their shows!)

Our living room now - super minimal, muted tones with pops of color and lovely floor (debat…

Letting go and moving forward

I've spent the last few days pondering if I wanted to move all 510 posts from my Tumblr over here. Posts were very sporadic, going back to 2011, and most of it was all photography.

Instead of keeping the past with me essentially, I'm letting go and looking forward. I'd like to use 2017 as a year to refocus myself on my photography. Bring myself back to my love for black and white, and stop trying to please everyone else with what they like to see (color photography).

Why go this path? I believe black and white photography can entice different emotions than color can. One can focus their mind on the scene, the faces, the details, the shadows - all without the distraction of this is yellow so it must be a happy scene. Black and white allows our imagination to think of what might of been going on at the time of the photography.

This isn't just for digital, but also film for me. In my long (procrastination) of figuring out how I wanted to start developing my own 35mm film at home, ars-imago launched a Kickstarter for LAB-BOX - a new-age multi-format daylight-loading film tank! Just exactly what I was looking for in my journey of starting home developing. (Next steps would be actual prints, but that will be some time. Scanning for now works for me!) They have blown their goal out of the water, and still have 32 days left to go.

The other awesome Kickstarter, which is ending in 7 days, is Jollylook - a cardboard vintage instant camera. This completely peaked my interest as I love my Polaroid SX-70 but hate the cost of film for it. Their tentative delivery date is June this year, and I absolutely cannot wait!

Until next post, keep loving yourself and make your photography yours! xoxo