Shades of gray, bursts of color

This weekend has been super laid back, since my husband has been super busy helping out some of the team from Hot Rod Magazine while they are up here doing some article/interviewing. (Super cool, right? This is the 2nd time he's done work with them now.)

That means I have had the house TO MYSELF - aka getting a ton of shit done!

With more sun happening, temperatures warming up (close to 40's next week for highs!) it meant bringing down the heavier curtains and putting up sheers. I know, I know - our curtains don't start at the ceiling - well our ceiling isn't that tall and I'm short so all you interior designer experts will have to deal with that! Still get plenty of light, and privacy from the neighbors seeing whatever the heck we are doing, or watching! (I learned quickly any Netflix created show means watching with curtains shut - they just love sexy time in their shows!)

Our living room now - super minimal, muted tones with pops of color and lovely floor (debat…

Real life, not fake social life

It's been a couple weeks since I last posted anything on Facebook, and removed the app off of my phone. I wasn't addicted to the social site, I just have literally hit a point where I look at what shows up and either cannot stand the read what is there, tired of ads, tired of horrible misspelled text images, and find no value in anything anyone shares anymore. Even my husband is horribly addicted..  it's not helping my mental situation in the feeling loved and wanted section.

Maybe it is just myself feeling disconnected from everything around me. Perhaps it is mild depression setting in (even though we are finally receiving more sunlight up here in Alaska; it does run in my family). Everything online just seems so fake, and unauthentic. Oversharing, look what I have, look where I am going, must share this, reshare that. I honestly feel I have a closer friendship with my cat now-a-days.

I think mentally, and possibly physically, I have hit a point where I just no longer care. There is no 'connection' felt between myself and those on Facebook - even if I know them in person - it just all feels forced, almost as if an obligation, to be friends either online or offline.

Obviously my thoughts are not super clear, however I am not putting much effort into over thinking this either. I unpublished any personal pages on Facebook months ago. I've slowly removed more and more information about myself. Tonight I went in and made all prior posts Friends only - sorry public viewers nothing fun to see there!

Maybe one day friendships will actually be authentic and not overshared, as they were not long ago (hello 90s!).