Shades of gray, bursts of color

This weekend has been super laid back, since my husband has been super busy helping out some of the team from Hot Rod Magazine while they are up here doing some article/interviewing. (Super cool, right? This is the 2nd time he's done work with them now.)

That means I have had the house TO MYSELF - aka getting a ton of shit done!

With more sun happening, temperatures warming up (close to 40's next week for highs!) it meant bringing down the heavier curtains and putting up sheers. I know, I know - our curtains don't start at the ceiling - well our ceiling isn't that tall and I'm short so all you interior designer experts will have to deal with that! Still get plenty of light, and privacy from the neighbors seeing whatever the heck we are doing, or watching! (I learned quickly any Netflix created show means watching with curtains shut - they just love sexy time in their shows!)

Our living room now - super minimal, muted tones with pops of color and lovely floor (debat…


I’m a freelance photographer living in Anchorage, Alaska (with the most awesome husband!) that enjoys using the camera whenever I get the chance.

I absolutely enjoy photographing motorsports events, the landscapes around me, and my cats. Other interests include cars, sewing, gaming, Star Wars and just hanging with good friends.

If you are interested in prints of any of my photographs you can purchase directly from Redbubble.


Published Works

Continental Subaru, TV Commercial (photo stills), 2014

Alaska Magazine, March 2013

Depixtions Photo Showing, 2012